Bay Area Butterfly Festival

Get ready to flutter your wings and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of butterflies at the Bay Area Butterfly Festival!


Photo taken by SRCD

Join us at the Bay Area Butterfly Festival to commemorate Monarch Butterflies vital role in our ecosphere! This inaugural event will be held on Mare Island in Vallejo California, spreading awareness of its historic Monarch Over-wintering Site, and the overall importance of pollinators. Come and Enjoy this fun and exciting opportunity for people of all ages!

May 19, 2024

10am – 5pm

Mare Island Promenade, 860 Nimitz Ave, Vallejo, CA

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Mare Island’s Monarch Overwintering Site

St. Peter’s Chapel Park is home to Mare Islands historic Monarch overwintering site! Learn more about overwintering Sites here!

Our Mission & Purpose

  • Educate people on the importance of pollinators and what they can do to take action.
    Most people don’t know that Monarchs and other populations are declining. At the festival, people will learn what they can do to save our local butterflies and pollinators, ensuring healthy food systems for generations to come. 
  • Support and Empower our Youth.
    This festival will raise a significant amount of funds to support a 5-year “Pollinator Protectors” project to educate elementary students through presentations, activity books, hands-on activities and hands on installations of Waystation/pollinator gardens.
  • Reinforce Sustainable Practices.
    Large gatherings of people at festivals traditionally result in overconsumption of one-time use plastics.  This will not be the case at this festival. This low-to-no-waste festival will highlight the importance of sustainability in this vital Monarch over-wintering site.
  • Put Solano County as a whole, on the eco-tourism map.
    Our county is a critical hub on the Monarch migratory path. We even have a historic overwintering site on Mare Island that most people are unaware of (as seen to the left). We want to join the ranks of Pacific Grove, Pismo Beach and Santa Cruz as a popular place people visit to see the Monarchs flutter through our towns mid-Summer and throughout the Fall as they travel to their overwintering sites.

Presentation & Workshop Schedule

We are providing some spectacular Presentations throughout the Day at the Bay Area Butterfly Festival!

Stop by and get the chance to learn from these experts!

Kids fun

Come and Hang out at the Bay Area Butterfly Festivals Kid Zone filled with fun! From Music, to dancing, to art, and even magic!

Come and Enjoy the exhibits and Presentations!

Event Map – 2024


Want to know who is going to be there? Check out our awesome vendors below!


The Purple Ones

California’s Premiere Prince Tribute Band

The musical dexterity of The Purple Ones – with 10-12 pieces on stage – delivers their own spin on Prince’s live onstage, as this funk machine, dance party has to be experienced to be believed!


Maya Band

Maya Latin Tribute Band

A dynamic dance band with roots from Latin Music. They tie popular crossover hits into every performance. This 5-7 piece band will bring the fun.

Lonesome Still

“Twin-fiddlin’, foot-stompin, hoot-and-hollerin’ acoustic music from the Bay Area!”

Garrett Massman-

Modern Bluegrass sound

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