F.O.E. New Petition – Ban Toxic Pesticides

Beekeepers lost an average of 40 percent of their hives last year, with some beekeepers losing 100 percent of their hives. Native bees are dying at alarming rates, too. And it’s largely thanks to bee-killing pesticides.

Neonics can KILL bees outright. And they continue to be widely used NATIONWIDE. Bees need you. We need you. You can make a difference by demanding Congress ban these toxic pesticides — but you need to act now.

You can help STOP the use of neonics and other BEE-TOXIC pesticides, but your signature is missing. Please add your name NOW to protect pollinators. [Including Monarchs]

Sign Friends of the Earth’s Petition here.

Thank you!

– Annina P. and Ann W.