Help Stop Roundup Sales!

Friends of the Earth Action organization uses petitions, letter writing campaigns and donations to try to get dangerous herbicides, such as Bayer-Monsanto’s Roundup, off the market. Roundup kills Milkweed, the Monarch caterpillar’s ONLY food source.  Bayer-Monsanto has agreed to take it off the market in 2023, but that’s a long time from now, and meanwhile it is still heavily promoted and sold. In fact, a new Roundup product with “triple strength” has just been introduced!

From Friends of the Earth: “Lowe’s and Home Depot can play a vital role in ending the use of this toxic weed killer by removing it from their shelves. But we need your help to push them to act.  The science is clear: Bayer-Monsanto’s toxic weed killer Roundup is putting people and pollinators at risk. Yet Lowe’s and Home Depot still sell this pesticide. Take action to save bees and butterflies from toxic pesticides. Donate $15 to Friends of the Earth Action. More than 40% of bees and other insect pollinators are on the brink of extinction — and toxic pesticides are a core driver. Glyphosate — the key ingredient in Roundup — has been linked to cancer. And the EPA found that 93% of endangered species are at risk of being harmed or killed from glyphosate — including bees and butterflies.”

We at the Monarch Milkweed Project encourage you to support Friends of the Earth and similar organizations.  If you are inclined to give some of your time or money to support this organization (even $5.00 will make a difference) great!

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Thank you!

-Annina and Ann